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    Nawalczyk released from prison

    Russian secret services seized the computers and other equipment from the offices of Alexiey Navalny a leader of the Anti-Corruption Foundation and russian opposition. We have the footage from the moment when police broke into Navalny’s facility.
    According to Alexei Navalny, the raid was connected to the fact he refused to comply with a court order to delete a video from 2017, where he accused the Russian Prime Minister of corruption.

    The footage from today’s raid showed officers of the Moscow security services forcing their way through the door using power tools. Navalny was dragged out of the office, but no one was detained in the raid.

    “(Law enforcement bodies) just came (to the Anti-corruption foundation (FBK) office) to seize our equipment. It always happens on Thursdays, because my (online video) program, which is watched by lots of people, always goes on air on Thursday. But they have only one task, they try to force us to delete the film ‘He Is Not Dimon to You’ (video investigation about Russian Prime Minister Dmitry Medvedev and billionaire businessman Alisher Usmanov) and to generally make our work more difficult. It is obvious that the paymasters behind all this are Usmanov, Medvedev and the higher authorities of the Russian Federation”- says Alexei Navalny, Leader of The Opposition.

    Navalny went on to say that the raid was part of a complex campaign to hurt the opposition and discredit their work in bringing the Kremlin’s corruption to light. 


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