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    Central Transportion Port will start operating at the end of 2027

    The first flights from the Polish Central Transportion Port (CPK) are planned for the end of 2027, the Government Commissioner for CPK, Marcin Horala, said to Rzeczpospolita on Friday, adding that the government will do everything to meet this date.

    CPK (Centralny Port Komunikacyjny) is a greenfield project located in central Poland, between Warsaw and Łódź, and aims to integrate air, rail and road transport. “This is a very ambitious schedule. (….) Everything should be going very smoothly, with no delays, if the date is to be achieved,” he underlined quated by PAP. Asked about the estimated cost of the project, Horala answered that “it is now being evaluated at PLN 25 billion (EUR 5.9 billion).” “Of course, this sum may be slightly modified as the project progresses,” Horala said.



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