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    The e-prescription is already in force

    From January 8, electronic prescription is mandatory. However, you will still be able to make paper prescriptions at pharmacies. Not all units will be able to issue e-prescriptions, because only 61.5 percent of them are connected to the system.

    Patients should not have problems buying medicines. “The implementation of new solutions will not impede patients’ access to medicines” – emphasizes the Ministry of Health and encourages all doctors who still issue prescriptions in paper form to move on to new rules. When realizing an e-prescription, you do not need to show your ID, you only need to provide your PESEL number and a 4-digit code. The patient leaving the doctor’s office will receive, among others information printout about the issued e-prescription – the doctor passes the printed document to the patient (he does not have to sign the printout or put stamps). The pharmacist reads the print data and returns it to the patient.


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