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    Meeting of Tomasz Grodzki with members of the European Commission to discuss the rule of law in Poland

    The speaker of the Senate, Tomasz Grodzki, met members of the European Commission today to discuss the rule of law in Poland. The meeting was held against the advice of the government. Law and Justice party politicians said that his holding this meeting is tantamount to acting against Poland’s interests. They point out that the bill they discussed has not yet been passed so there was no basis for the discussions. There seems to be no end to the opposition seeking to help the Commission just to spite the ruling party.

    Following a meeting with the deputy president of the commission, Viera Yurova, speaker Grodzki said it was a much needed exchange of views. Among the matters discussed was the rule of law in Poland. Opposition politicians argue that there was nothing wrong with the Speaker’s visit to Brussels.

     “It’s only natural that both the Senate and the Parliament cooperate with the EU bodies. If the European Commission has its doubts concerning the rule of law in Poland then speakers are the best people to talk about it. I’m surprised minister Ziobro doesn’t want to engage in such talks”- says Jan Grabiec,the Civic Platform party.

    Politicians of the ruling Law and Justice party on the other hand claim the visit can only hurt Poland and the speaker is wrongfully taking on responsibilities assigned to the PM and president by the constitution.

     “I have a feeling it’s nothing else than blowing the whistle on Poland. The Senate has its role abroad and it’s to support the diaspora, which I didn’t hear Tomasz Grodzki do as much as he should”- says Henryk Kowalczyk, the Law and Justice party.

    Grodzki’s visit to Brussels is connected to the recently passed amendment to the common courts’ bill, which is now before the Senate. Speaker Grodzki asked the Venice Commission to give an opinion on the changes proposed by the ruling party. Several days ago, the chief of president Duda’s cabinet, Krzysztof Szczerski, appealed to Tomasz Grodzki to cancel the visit.


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