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    Thousands of people expressed their support for the reform of the judiciary in Poland!

    20 thousand Poles gathered in Warsaw today to defend the judiciary reform at a protest which took place in front of the Constitutional Tribunal in Warsaw. The participants of the assembly demanded that the European Union respect Poland’s sovereign right to reform its judiciary.

    The Court of Justice of the European Union gave Poland time to explain the amendments to the court laws until 13 February. According to unofficial information, the European Commission is ready to introduce financial sanctions against Poland, given the Polish government fails to adapt the regulations to its expectations.

    People who gathered in Warsaw on Saturday are against such interference of European institutions as it is non factual and breaching the European Treaties.

    February 8th demonstration was organised by “Gazeta Polska” Clubs and the Sovereign Committee, headed by Adam Borowski, an opposition activist during the People’s Republic of Poland and chairman the Warsaw club of “Gazeta Polska”,


    Adam Borowski, organizer of the demonstration: This is the beginning of the road. The law itself does not guarantee anything, of course, we must keep an eye on those who will be introducing it.



    Thousands of people gathered in front of the Constitutional Tribunal, including activists of the clubs of Gazeta Polska weekly.


    Tomasz Sakiewicz: We were expecting 15,000 people, it looks like there is a lot more. I don’t think anyone anticipated this level of turnout.



    The demonstrators expressed their support for changes in the Polish judicial system. In turn, the Vice-President of the European Commission, Vera Jurova has once again spoken out strongly about the amendment to the court laws, calling it the annihilation of independent judiciary.




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