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    Donald Trump threatens to cut information exchange with countries cooperating with Huawei on 5G

    US president Donald Trump has warned that he will stop sharing intelligence with any European countries that cooperate with the Chinese Huawei corporation on the establishing of 5G wireless networks. The US considers Huawei a security threat.

    Trump’s declaration is part of a continuing trade war between China and the US. The American president is trying to put pressure on European countries which had already announced that they are not going to interfere in Huwaei’s plans to introduce 5G wireless network, although they do intend to put some limits and regulations on the Chinese corporation in the interests of national security. Meanwhile, at the Security summit in Munich, the US secretary of state, Mike Pompeo condemned Huwaei which he described as a “Trojan Horse”. According to Pompeo, the introduction of 5G by the Asian-based company can pose a threat to its users, as he claims that private information may be gathered by the Chinese secret services. The Chinese Foreign Minister, Wang Yi, in turn encouraged European countries to make an objective decision on their own and respect the rule of fair competition for business. 

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