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    A Majestic Encounter with Flores, the Komodo Dragon at Wrocław Zoo

    In the heart of Wrocław Zoo, within the Smoki Indonezji pavilion, resides Flores, a captivating female Komodo dragon. Hailing from the exotic lands of Indonesia, these dragons are the largest living lizards on Earth, known for their impressive size and unique behaviors.

    The Magnificent Flores

    Flores, born in 2011 in Los Angeles, now calls Wrocław home, arriving from the Frankfurt Zoo. Although not a record-holder, Flores, at 2 meters long and 27 kg, stands as the largest Komodo dragon in the zoo. Females, generally smaller than males, contribute to the awe-inspiring spectacle.

    Komodo dragons are exceptional creatures, capable of reproducing parthenogenetically, a rare phenomenon among vertebrates. Possessing venom, a trait shared with only a few lizard species, they are formidable predators, occasionally preying on animals as large as buffaloes and deer.

    Feeding Rituals

    These carnivores, renowned for their infrequent hunting habits, can abstain from food for weeks. At Wrocław Zoo, Flores is fed every three to four weeks, relishing a diet of meat, varying from rabbit to cuts reminiscent of her Frankfurt diet.

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