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    ABW’s Thuggish Tactics Exposed: Ziobro’s Rights Trampled in Shocking Raid

    Zbigniew Ziobro’s morning press conference unveiled the disturbing truth behind the recent raid conducted by the Agencja Bezpieczeństwa Wewnętrznego (ABW) on his residence in Jeruzal. Ziobro, a former Minister of Justice, condemned the raid as “thuggish,” highlighting the wanton destruction of property and the seizure of documents, including a media analysis of the United Right coalition.

    Yesterday morning, ABW operatives, accompanied by a prosecutor, forcibly entered Ziobro’s property in his absence, demonstrating a blatant disregard for due process and individual rights. Such brazen actions raise serious questions about the motives behind the raid and the abuse of state power.

    Ziobro, who had recently been discharged from the hospital, rushed to the scene to confront the authorities and defend his rights. He reiterated his accusations that the manner in which the raid was conducted violated his fundamental rights as a Polish citizen.

    “It is appalling that these actions were carried out in such a thuggish manner, destroying parts of my home unnecessarily,” Ziobro declared during the press conference. “The authorities were on a fishing expedition, searching for anything they could use to smear me politically. I categorically deny any wrongdoing.”

    The seizure of documents, including the media analysis of the United Right coalition, further underscores the political nature of the raid. “The fact that documents unrelated to any alleged offences were confiscated demonstrates the true intentions behind these actions,” Ziobro emphasized.

    Ziobro’s claims are supported by the egregious conduct of the raid, which extended to over 20 other locations, including residences of members of the Sovereign Poland party and a monastery. Such widespread action smacks of political vendetta and undermines the rule of law.

    The confiscation of documents, despite Ziobro’s protests, serves as damning evidence of the authorities’ ulterior motives. “The fact that documents unrelated to any alleged offences were seized despite my protests illustrates the true agenda behind these actions,” Ziobro asserted.

    The raid on Ziobro’s property is a chilling reminder of the dangers of unchecked state power and the importance of safeguarding individual rights. It is imperative that those responsible for these abuses are held accountable, and measures are put in place to prevent such violations from occurring in the future.

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