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    Adoption of Migration Pact by EU Parliament: Polish Government’s Support Raises Concerns

    The European Parliament Committee has unanimously adopted the much-debated migration pact. All parties representing the current government in Poland have expressed their support for the pact, marking a crucial step forward in addressing the pressing issue of migration within the European Union.

    MEP Patryk Jaki of the Law and Justice Party (PiS) took to social media to share insights into the implications of the adopted pact. Notably, Jaki highlighted that within the next two years, millions of migrants would be allocated to various countries, including Poland. He emphasized that the pact received backing from parties representing a spectrum of political ideologies, including those currently part of Donald Tusk’s government.

    Speaking to “Rzeczpospolita,” EU Commissioner for Home Affairs, Ylva Johansson, outlined the key provisions of the pact, emphasizing its focus on safeguarding individual rights, expediting asylum procedures, and fostering solidarity among member states during migration crises. Johansson underscored the pact’s commitment to upholding the right to legal counsel and ensuring humane conditions for asylum seekers awaiting processing.

    Jaki further elaborated on the consequences of adopting the pact, revealing provisions for the potential distribution of migrants among EU countries. Notably, he mentioned the possibility of a buyout option, wherein countries may pay €20,000 per migrant. However, Jaki cautioned that this option might not be available in crisis situations, as determined by the commission.

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