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    American Heart of Poland Expands Its Medical Network Through Acquisition of Scanmed Group

    American Heart of Poland (AHP), backed by Gruppo San Donato Italy and GKSD Srl, continues its growth trajectory by acquiring Scanmed Group in Poland. This acquisition, subject to regulatory approval, marks a significant expansion for AHP in the public healthcare sector.

    Strategic Expansion

    With the acquisition, AHP doubles its presence in Poland’s public healthcare system, offering medical care to over 500,000 patients annually. The combined entity will operate in 7 multi-specialty hospitals, 35 hospital departments, and 42 outpatient clinics, significantly enhancing its territorial reach.

    Enhanced Healthcare Services

    Scanmed Group, previously owned by private equity firm Abris Capital Partners, brings extensive medical services expertise, including primary healthcare, specialized outpatient care, and hospital treatments. Its portfolio includes cardiology centers across 8 provinces and specialized hospitals in gastroenterology, ophthalmology, and orthopedics.

    Investment in Quality Care

    Adam Szlachta, CEO of American Heart of Poland, emphasizes the commitment to providing high-quality, accessible healthcare within Poland’s National Health Fund framework. The partnership with Gruppo San Donato and GKSD aims to invest over 1 billion PLN to improve medical services’ quality and accessibility.

    Leading Medical Expertise

    Gruppo San Donato, a prominent European healthcare group, brings extensive experience in medical education, research, and innovative therapies. Their involvement signifies a strategic move towards advancing medical innovation in Central and Eastern Europe.

    Regulatory Approval and Support

    The transaction requires approval from the President of the Office of Competition and Consumer Protection. Financial and legal support for the transaction was provided by leading firms such as PwC, BNP Paribas, and GKSD Advisory.

    Driving Healthcare Innovation

    The acquisition of Scanmed Group positions American Heart of Poland as a leader in healthcare innovation, backed by strong financial and strategic support from Gruppo San Donato and GKSD. Together, they aim to elevate the standard of healthcare delivery in Poland and beyond.

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