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    Annual Polonaise Dance Marks 100 Days to Graduation in Wrocław

    Source (PAP/

    In a festive tradition spanning 21 years, several hundred high school seniors from Lower Silesian schools gathered on Wrocław’s Market Square to perform the Polonaise dance this Tuesday. The event, known as “Polonez dla Fredy,” takes place 100 days before their final exams and has become a cherished tradition in the city.

    Wrocław’s Mayor, Jacek Stryk, welcomed the graduating students, emphasizing the symbolic connection between the dance and their impending exams. “Today, we must dance the Polonaise well, and in a hundred days, you must excel in your exams; I know it will be a formality for you, but we’re rooting for your success,” said the Mayor.

    Accompanying the students were representatives from local universities, including Wrocław University of Science and Technology, University of Wrocław, and Wrocław University of Economics. Professors encouraged the graduates to consider continuing their education within Wrocław’s academic institutions.

    The Polonez dla Fredy event kicks off each year from the monument of Count Aleksander Fredro, relocated from Lviv to Wrocław in 1946.

    In the heart of Wrocław, this colorful dance procession signifies not just celebration but also the transition of students into the next chapter of their academic journey.

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