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    “Bicycle for all – Bicycle for sustainable and healthy lifestyles”

    On Poland’s initiative, an inter-regional coalition consisting of Austria, Azerbaijan, Viet Nam, Mexico, the United Arab Emirates, and Kenya; the UNESCO Executive Board adopted the first, historic decision on the bicycle – “Bicycle for all – Bicycle for sustainable and healthy lifestyles”. The decision has been adopted with considerable acclamation and cosponsored by several dozens of countries representing all inhabited continents.

    The decision “Bicycle For All” adopted by UNESCO belongs to a broader context of promoting the bicycle as a means of sustainable development at the UN Forum by Poland. The document has also a symbolic dimension due to the 5th anniversary of the establishment of the World Bicycle Day by UN General Assembly Resolution 72/272 in 2018.

    The purpose of the decision adopted by the UNESCO Executive Board is to draw the attention of the Member States and the Organization itself to the bicycle as a tool that contributes to the implementation of the sustainable development goals, included in the UN 2030 Agenda. UNESCO, as a specialized UN institution for education, science and culture, is an excellent platform for promoting the bicycle as an element of education policy, sustainable development, and a means of transport valued by many cultures.

    Furthermore, the decision underlines the importance of the bicycle as a climate-friendly and easy-to-use means of transportation and community-accessible integration. It calls on Member States to develop cycling infrastructure and ensure safety for both cyclists and pedestrians.

    The adoption of the “Bicycle For All” decision on Poland’s initiative emphasizes our country’s commitment to achieving SDG’s and the UN 2030 Agenda and is proof of our trust in the UN system as a carrier of sustainable values and global progress.

    The decision will be followed by a report of the Director-General on the implementation of the document in the Spring the next year.

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