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    Biden’s speech proves U.S. is to stay in Poland

    On Wednesday, a Polish Deputy Foreign Minister reassured that Joe Biden’s speech on Tuesday in Warsaw is a sign that America will continue to stand by Poland and NATO’s Eastern Flank.

    The US president’s address during his two-day visit to Warsaw, Poland, depicted Ukraine’s fight against the Russian incursion as a struggle for liberty and democracy.

    “This speech was a sign from President Biden to Poland and the eastern flank, that America is with us, and will not abandon us, and that any country attacked by Russia will receive support from all the allied countries,” said Arkadiusz Mularczyk.

    He further pointed out that Biden’s speech was “a powerful statement to Putin and Russia, showing our solidarity and readiness.”

    In his address, Biden highlighted the US’s commitment to safeguarding all areas of the Nato alliance.


    Radical Eco-Activists Jeopardize Racing Tradition with Shameful Stunt

    Two agitators affiliated with the extremist "Last Generation" faction brought chaos to the opening of the racing season at Służewiec Racetrack. Thanks to the swift response of security personnel, law enforcement was able to swiftly quell the disturbance.