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    Boosting the Polish Military: Voluntary Basic Military Service Gains Momentum

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    In a recent tweet, Polish Minister of National Defense, Mariusz Błaszczak, highlighted the ongoing effort to bolster the strength of the Polish Armed Forces. Over 4,500 individuals are commencing voluntary basic military training, marking this year’s sixth training cycle. Training will span 41 military units. Minister Błaszczak noted the transformation from the previous administration, where only 97,000 soldiers were active, compared to the current force of over 175,000.

    The initiative stems from the National Defense Act that introduced voluntary basic military service. Volunteers receive a monthly stipend of PLN 4,960 (tax-exempt for those under 26). During service, participants can enhance their professional qualifications – from obtaining a driver’s license to becoming certified machine operators or welders, even earning licenses as divers or parachutists. They also receive priority consideration for transitioning to professional military service. Those opting out after training enter the reserve, with enhanced prospects for roles in public administration.

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