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    Carnival in Poland has started!

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    Carnival in Poland, starting from January 6th, is a festive period marked by gatherings, masquerade balls, and lively celebrations. It’s a time when companies organize team-building events, friends head to clubs and pubs, and travel agencies offer trips with the rhythmic beats of samba. Have you ever wondered about the origin of the carnival tradition and its name?

    The term “carnival” traces its roots to the Italian “carnevale,” derived from the Latin “carnem levāre” (meaning “to remove meat”). In Poland, this season was once referred to as “zapusty” or “mięsopust” (meat-emptying). Bidding farewell to meat before the fasting period of Lent was accompanied by music and festivities, creating a vibrant atmosphere.

    As the streets fill with colorful costumes and exuberant energy, the Polish carnival embodies a rich blend of tradition, merriment, and the anticipation of the upcoming Lenten season.

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