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    Celebrate Polish Music Day on October 1st

    Discover the Vibrant World of Polish Music

    October 1st marks the fifth edition of Polish Music Day, a nationwide campaign dedicated to promoting and celebrating homegrown musical talent. On this day, radio stations across Poland will exclusively play Polish songs, highlighting the richness of the country’s music scene.

    The brainchild of the Empower Poland Foundation, Polish Music Day aims to unite all stakeholders in the music industry, including artists, radio and TV stations, music companies, and fans. The campaign encourages listeners to embrace Polish music, providing artists with greater opportunities for artistic growth.

    Anna Ceynowa, Chairwoman of the Polish Music Market Council and President of the Empower Poland Foundation, emphasizes the pivotal role of fans in strengthening the local music market. Thanks to Polish listeners, Poland’s music market ranked among the world’s top twenty last year.

    “Poland’s music market reached record-breaking levels, with fans contributing to its rapid growth,” stated Ceynowa.

    The campaign, supported by the Authors’ Association ZAiKS, the largest organization for collective management of copyright in Poland, encompasses composers, lyricists, writers, visual artists, choreographers, and creators from various artistic domains.

    During Polish Music Day, over a hundred radio and music television stations will feature more Polish music than usual, culminating in a special one-hour block (10-11 AM) dedicated solely to Polish tunes. Furthermore, Polish music will echo across several foreign radio stations, including those in the UK, the USA, Switzerland, and Croatia.

    Notably, this initiative has received support from major media outlets like RMF FM, RMF Maxx, Radio Zet, Radio Eska, and many more, further amplifying the message of Polish Music Day.

    Fans of Polish music can also anticipate special promotions and surprises from campaign partners. Major music stores and ticket providers will offer discounts on albums and concert tickets.

    In Empik stores, the campaign will run for nearly two weeks from September 27th to October 10th. Selected pop/rock albums will be available at attractive prices, and Polish Nagrań catalog items will feature a 20% discount.

    Streaming platforms such as Spotify, TIDAL, and YouTube Music will promote playlists featuring Polish music.

    This year, the campaign expands its scope to include the book, video game, and film industries. Cinemas across Poland will host exclusive previews of the film “Na zawsze melomani” (Forever Music Lovers).

    Bookstores will offer discounts on music-related books, and the gaming industry will promote playlists featuring Polish video game music.

    In 2022, the Polish music market outpaced global growth for the second consecutive year. According to IFPI (International Federation of the Phonographic Industry) data, Poland’s recorded music market reached 661.4 million PLN, marking a 14% increase from the previous year and nearly 50% growth since the start of the Polish Music Day campaign in 2019.

    Streaming platforms continue to spotlight Polish music, with approximately 80% of the top 100 songs being from Polish artists. Vinyl records also saw a surge in popularity, with Polish albums dominating the top 12 vinyl records each month in 2022.

    Moreover, 2022 witnessed a record number of concerts in Poland, with Polish artists like Dawid Podsiadło and Sanah selling out tickets within minutes.

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