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    Celebrating 35 Years of Polish-Korean Diplomatic Relations: UNESCO Korean Heritage Months

    In commemoration of the 35th anniversary of diplomatic relations between the Republic of Korea and the Republic of Poland, the Korean Cultural Center in Poland presents the UNESCO Korean Heritage Months 2024. This two-month cultural festival will showcase Korean UNESCO symbols, including traditional music, dance, literature, and more.

    Contemporary Music Concert by Gugak SINNOI

    Experience the unique fusion of jazz, traditional Korean music, and electronic sound by Gugak SINNOI quartet. Explore the dramatic storytelling of Pansori, a traditional Korean musical form, through concerts and workshops led by Pansori singer Seo-Yoon Jang and percussionist Sori Choi.

    2024 Korean Literature Festival

    Join us for an afternoon celebrating the cultural heritage of Korea and Poland. Important Polish cultural organizations will participate, fostering discussions on future collaboration. Enjoy a Pansori concert from Korea and a traditional Polonaise dance from Poland.

    Experience the UNESCO-listed Yeondeunghoe lantern festival through exhibitions, craft workshops, and a traditional Korean lantern parade. Discover the Talchum traditional mask dance, blending humor, music, and social commentary, through performances and workshops across Warsaw.

    Join us for the finale of the Greatest Masque’s tour at the Street Art Festival, experiencing Korean cultural heritage together through Talchum on the UNESCO-listed Old Town streets.

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