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    Celebrating Christmas Spirit: First Lady Agata Kornhauser-Duda Joins Special School’s Festive Performance

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    In a heartwarming event today, students and educators of Special School Complex No. 85, named after Eunice Kennedy Shriver, showcased a Christmas pageant. First Lady Agata Kornhauser-Duda visited the school, delighting in the holiday spectacle and participating in joyful caroling.

    The performance, a culmination of weeks of preparation, saw children captivating the audience with the story of Jesus’s birth in Bethlehem. Demonstrating their vocal and acting talents, students presented Christmas carols and recited poems. The dedicated efforts of both students and educators were evident in meticulously crafted costumes and props. The First Lady was invited to join the students in festive caroling during the show.

    Mrs. Kornhauser-Duda commended the youth and caregivers, stating, “You are incredibly talented.” The children shared their preparations and the nervous excitement of performing in front of a large audience with the First Lady.

    The meeting concluded with discussions about holiday traditions, including the twelve dishes on the Christmas Eve table and the joy of giving presents to loved ones. Mrs. Kornhauser-Duda extended wishes for “peaceful and joyful holidays in a warm, family atmosphere and a break from daily duties” to all students, educators, and parents. She also expressed her hopes for a 2024 filled with goodness, health, and global peace.

    School Background and Achievements

    Special School Complex No. 85, honoring Eunice Kennedy Shriver, educates and nurtures children and youth with intellectual disabilities ranging from moderate to profound, as well as those with multiple disabilities.

    The institution, celebrating its 60th anniversary on November 17, consists of a primary school and a vocational training school. The primary school caters to students aged 6 to 20, while the vocational training school is dedicated to youth and adults up to 24, focusing on comprehensive vocational preparation, personal and social skills, and abilities crucial for future professional engagement.

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