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    Celebrating the Flag of the Republic of Poland: A Tribute to History and Symbolism

    May 2nd marks a significant day in Poland’s calendar as it commemorates the flag of the Republic of Poland. This observance traces its roots back to February 20, 2004, when the Polish Parliament ratified an amendment to the law concerning the emblem, colours, and anthem of the Republic of Poland. Since then, May 2nd has been designated as Polish National Flag Day.

    A Dual Tribute to Heroism and Resilience in Poland’s History

    The selection of this date holds historical significance on two fronts. Firstly, it recalls May 2, 1945, when the First Polish Army proudly hoisted the Polish flag atop the Berlin Victory Column and the Reichstag in Berlin. Secondly, it serves as a poignant reminder of the suppression of the celebration of the 3rd of May Constitution Day by communist authorities, leading to the removal of flags.

    Andrzej Bełowski, in his remarks from 2018, shed light on the inspiration behind establishing this holiday, drawing parallels with other nations like the United States, where Flag Day commemorates the adoption of the first American flag in 1777.

    Unveiling the Symbolism and Regulation of Poland’s National Colors

    While the Polish flag is characterized by two horizontal bands of white and red, pinpointing the exact shades of these colours has become more nuanced. The Act of January 31, 1980, regarding the emblem, colours, anthem of the Republic of Poland, and state stamps, delineates these colours through trichromatic coordinates, underscoring that the white isn’t a pure snow-white, while the red leans towards crimson or a darker hue.

    The national colours carry profound symbolic weight. As Bełowski articulated, white symbolizes gentleness, friendship, and prosperity, while red embodies the spirit of struggle for sovereignty and independence, often associated with the sacrifices made in blood. Throughout history, especially during World War II, these colours served as a beacon of resilience and hope, representing the nation’s unwavering determination for freedom.

    Poland boasts two types of state flags: the plain white/red rectangle and the version adorned with the emblem of the Republic of Poland on the white stripe. According to prevailing legislation, flags bearing the emblem are reserved for official national agencies abroad, civil airports and aircraft, port masters, and Polish sea vessels.

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