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    Celebrations of the 160th anniversary of the outbreak of the January Uprising

    160 years have passed since the outbreak of the January Uprising on January 19, 1863. On this occassion, between January 21-23, Deputy Prime Minister, Minister of National Defence Mariusz Błaszczak will take part in the special celebrations.

    Błaszczak mentioned the fight of our ancestors during the funeral ceremony of the Head of the Uprising Mszczonów, Fr. Władysław Polkowski:

    “Recalling the January Uprising, it is worth mentioning that our ancestors together, shoulder to shoulder, fought for freedom with the ancestors of Ukrainians, Lithuanians and Belarusians.”,

    said the Minister.

    Polish identity is shaped by the January Uprising. The event is significant in culture and literature. Today, the mission of the uprisers is followed by Polish soldiers who defend our country and protect its sovereignty.


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