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    Children and their teachers were walking along motorway in Chorzow [VIDEO]

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    An unusual situation occurred on the diametral highway near Chorzow. A video of the incident has appeared on the Internet. The police are investigating the case.

    According to the preliminary police findings, the children were travelling in a bus which had a collision on Drogowa Trasa Srednicowa (Diametral Highway in Silesia – ed.) in Chorzow near the Ruch Chorzow stadium on the roadway towards Katowice, RMF reported. 

    Police received a report on the matter, however, when they arrived at the scene, the school trip was no longer there.

    According to the tweet’s author, officers also received a report and a dashcam video via email. It shows a group of children and their chaperones running up the lane under the flyover, presumably heading for a bus stop. 

    Police officers are investigating the circumstances of the incident in terms of posing a threat to children’s life or health. 

    A police officer from the Chorzow police press office told RMF FM’s journalist if the group had waited by the bus after the collision, police officers would have stopped traffic and transported the pupils and chaperones under escort.

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