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    CPKP “BOA” Trainers’ Exercise Under the Supervision of the FBI

    The spectre of an active shooter is a looming threat that keeps security services around the world on high alert. These individuals, driven by various motives such as frustration, revenge, or insanity, pose a grave danger due to the unpredictability and brutality of their actions. In Poland, a recent collaborative effort between the Counter-Terrorist Instructors of the CPKP “BOA” and specialists from the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) aims to better prepare law enforcement officers to respond effectively when faced with this ominous threat.

    The training, which took place in early August, brought together a diverse group of law enforcement professionals, including police counter-terrorists from CPKP “BOA,” representatives of Independent Counter-Terrorist Subdivisions of the Police from across Poland, and instructors from police schools. The instructors from the FBI, renowned for their expertise in dealing with active shooter situations, led this crucial training effort.

    Real-World Simulations: Training Polish Police for Rapid Response

    The scenarios for the training were meticulously designed to replicate real-life situations involving active shooters, drawing from experiences in the United States. Participants engaged in simulations where they played various roles amidst conditions closely mirroring actual danger. The goal was to equip police instructor candidates with the knowledge and skills needed to effectively train their colleagues in the field.

    Speaking about the importance of such training, the CPKP “BOA” training coordinator stated, “In this type of situation, what is more important than the form of the attack is the action to be taken by the police officers who are first on the scene. That is why it is so important for them to know the rules and procedures to be followed in this type of situation. This will give them a chance to avoid or minimize the danger.”

    Comprehensive Training for Polish Police: Preparing for Any Threat

    The training not only emphasized the response to an active shooter but also focused on perfecting the use of skills that every police officer acquires during basic training. This holistic approach aims to ensure that officers are well-prepared for any situation that requires them to fend off an attacker.

    The collaboration with FBI instructors has opened up possibilities for developing specialized training programs for Polish police officers in responding to active shooter situations. This concept, derived from the knowledge and expertise gained during the training, will play a crucial role in enhancing the preparedness of law enforcement agencies across Poland.


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