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    Cracks in the Coalition: Sejm Speaker Expresses Grievances Against Tusk’s Party for Funding Online Harasser

    Szymon Hołownia, leader of the Poland 2050 party and Speaker of the Sejm, has publicly voiced his discontent with the Civic Platform party (Platforma Obywatelska, PO), led by Prime Minister Donald Tusk. Hołownia accuses the party of financially supporting an individual who subjected him and others to online harassment.

    The controversy came to light following a report by Wirtualna Polska, which disclosed that over the past eight years, the Civic Platform had paid a sum of 305,000 PLN to a businessman for “political analyses”. Investigations revealed that this individual, operating under the alias “Pablo Morales”, managed social media accounts that both promoted Civic Platform politicians and targeted their opponents with vitriolic attacks. Among those targeted was Szymon Hołownia, who was subjected to derogatory insults ranging from “idiot” to “moron”.

    Addressing the issue during a meeting in Ciechanów, Hołownia detailed the extent of the harassment he faced online, highlighting the dehumanizing language used against him. Despite being in coalition with the Civic Platform, Hołownia expressed his disappointment over the party’s failure to condemn or distance itself from such toxic behavior.

    Hołownia recounted a conversation with Donald Tusk, humorously noting the irony of being insulted by someone indirectly funded by his coalition partners. He emphasized the danger and destructiveness of such rhetoric in public discourse, especially during challenging times for Poland.

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