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    Cutting-Edge Military Hardware on Display at ‘Autumn Fire – 23’ Exercise

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    The Orzysz training ground, situated within the Bemowo Piskie Land Forces Training Center in the Mazurian region of Poland, will come alive with the thunderous roars of tanks and artillery as it hosts the dynamic spectacle known as “Autumn Fire – 23.” This live-fire exercise, featuring nearly 1000 soldiers, promises an awe-inspiring display of state-of-the-art military hardware.

    The event will feature an impressive array of military equipment, including Abrams and K2 tanks, HIMARS rocket launchers, HIBNERYT anti-aircraft systems, KRAB self-propelled howitzers, and a variety of combat vehicles. Over 70 different pieces of military hardware, including aircraft, tanks, and missile launchers, will be showcased both statically and in action.

    The exercise scenario includes ground and aerial skirmishes, with artillery fire providing a fiery backdrop. Soldiers will engage in defensive and offensive maneuvers, and special forces will make their presence known. This promises to be a high-energy, immersive experience.

    Before the dynamic demonstration, the venue will host a grand picnic on the grounds. Visitors can explore the military equipment, chat with soldiers about their service, and savor military-style pea soup with freshly baked bread from a field bakery.

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