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    D.Eng. Marcelina Jureczko Wins Polish FameLab 2024

    D.Eng. Marcelina Jureczko triumphed in the 10th Polish FameLab edition on June 4 in Katowice. Her captivating talk on fungi that help decompose anti-cancer drugs in the environment earned her the top prize. She received 6,000 PLN and will represent Poland in the international FameLab finals.

    Engaging Communication for Science

    Jureczko, who works at the Center for Biotechnology at the Silesian University of Technology, emphasized the importance of presenting scientific concepts in an accessible and entertaining manner. She used props and humor to simplify complex topics, making her presentation stand out. This victory follows her previous semi-final appearance in the 9th edition, showcasing her continuous improvement in science communication.

    FameLab: A Global Science Communication Contest

    FameLab is an international competition where young researchers present scientific topics in an engaging way within three minutes. Organized this year by the University of Silesia, the event drew 12 finalists from various disciplines. The contest is judged on content, clarity, and charisma.

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