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    Dawid Kubacki on top form in Titisee-Neustadt

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    Dawid Kubacki finished second in the World Cup competition in Titisee-Neustadt after a phenomenal jump in the final round. Sixth place went to Piotr Zyla and the winner was Anze Lanisek. 

    Ski Jumping World Cup leader Dawid Kubacki dominated in Titisee-Neustadt since Thursday’s training. The Pole was also the best in Friday’s qualification, but when it came to the competition, it was not so great in the first round. It was due to the wind conditions, which many top athletes could not cope with.

    At the halfway stage Kubacki (130.5 m) was the best of the Polish team and came in fifth. Also, Piotr Zyla was in the Top 10 (9th). What is more, Pawel Wasek (14th) and Aleksander Zniszczol (26th) advanced to the second round. The leader was Halvor Egner Granerud, who dealt with the wind best of the frontrunners.

    From the beginning of the final round, the jury – reacting to the wind conditions – decided to raise the inrun platform by two levels. 

    Dawid Kubacki is on top form. It was a fantastic attempt – 144 metres! Beyond the size of the facility! 

    In a flash, it was clear that Kubacki earned himself a spot on the podium with a wonderful attempt in the second round. However, he missed the points of his first jump to win the competition. Anze Lanisek (141 m) overtook Kubacki and won the competition. 


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