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    A new planetarium can be found at the Marine Science Center in Szczecin

    The planetarium at the Marine Science Center is ready to visit. Over three floors of the levitating sphere, the audience can enjoy shows related to astronomy, physics, chemistry, biology and more. The planetarium can accommodate up to 41 spectators. The opening of the Marine Science Center is scheduled for May 2023.

    Photos from the first showing:

    The SkyExplorer software enables the presentation of astronomical shows, popular science films and 3D graphics created in real time. It also provides access to catalogs and online databases of: celestial bodies, planets, supernovae, exoplanets, pulsars, asteroids, comets, quasars, natural and artificial satellites and many other objects.

    Showings are also planned using a special simulation program for star projections, which gives the opportunity to take a close look at objects in space.

    “Thanks to advanced technology, it is possible to watch constellations or astronomical landmarks. It is possible to fly a spacecraft and observe rovers and landers. An interesting fact on a European scale is that our planetarium is coupled with such an information bank. Every film that will be produced in the world concerning astronomy&knowledge is at our disposal. It is immediately available here in Szczecin”,

    said Jarosław Dobrzyński, the Spokesman for the Maritime Science Center.

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