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    Discover the Renewed Face of Polish National Parks

    Polish National Parks have undergone a remarkable transformation, now boasting captivating online platforms and a gateway known as the PPN Main Portal. With 23 parks showcasing their natural and cultural heritage, they serve as jewels in Poland’s crown, inviting both locals and global visitors to explore and appreciate their beauty.

    The Gateway to Parks:
    The new face of Polish National Parks aims to promote, support, and develop these invaluable areas. The PPN Main Portal serves as a comprehensive showcase, offering enticing descriptions, natural curiosities, park news, and event calendars.

    Unified Online Experience:
    The park websites have been revamped for user convenience, aligning with the needs of modern visitors. Both desktop and mobile versions provide seamless access, facilitating online ticket purchases, volunteer engagement, permit applications, and souvenir purchases.

    Exploration Made Easy:
    Detailed descriptions of hiking trails and educational paths aid in trip planning, providing essential information on trail length, elevation changes, and accessibility for various needs. Visitors can now verify if a trail is suitable for wheelchairs or strollers, enhancing inclusivity and accessibility.

    With the entire Polish National Parks service now available at, exploring these natural treasures has never been easier. Thanks to initiatives like the POIS. project, co-funded by the European Union, Poland’s natural wonders are more accessible and inviting than ever.

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