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    Donald Tusk Denies Russophobia Accusations in Foreign Media Interview

    Polish Prime Minister Donald Tusk recently spoke to international media, expressing his frustration over what he perceives as a lack of serious consideration given to his warnings about Russia. Major Western media outlets have echoed his sentiments, citing recordings surfacing online that challenge the authenticity of his statements.

    “In my first term as prime minister, nobody outside the Baltic countries paid attention to my warnings that Russia could pose a threat,” Tusk stated in an interview with European media outlets, including Spain’s “El Pais,” Italy’s “La Repubblica,” Germany’s “Die Welt,” Belgium’s “Le Soir,” and Poland’s “Gazeta Wyborcza.”

    The pro-Russian stance of previous governments under the Civic Platform party is best depicted in the series “Reset” by journalist Michał Rachon and professor Sławomir Cenckiewicz. Numerous recordings also serve as evidence, one of which was recently brought to light by Radosław Fogiel.

    “If there is one problem we must continuously address in our relations with all European partners without exception, it is the problem of dispelling or reducing the false image that Poland is a Russophobic country with Russophobic authorities, and whoever governs Poland will always seek to provoke Europe into some anti-Russian turmoil,” the former premier stated in 2014.

    Responding to Tusk’s remarks, Member of Parliament Paweł Jabłoński filed an interpellation in the Sejm, pinpointing specific statements made by the former prime minister emphasizing the need to build good relations with Russia. In the document, Jabłoński demands clarification on when and where Tusk genuinely warned about the regime led by Vladimir Putin.

    Tusk’s interview has reignited debates surrounding Poland’s stance towards Russia, prompting further scrutiny of his past statements and actions regarding Russo-Polish relations.

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