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    Drunk grandma dressed up as nun drives to her grandson’s house at night

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    Tonight, police officers from the Police Prevention Department in Wolsztyn, who stopped a woman driving a Suzuki, witnessed how surprising a road check can be. The stop had been preceded by a report from another traffic participant indicating that the woman might be under the influence of alcohol. When the police officers approached the stopped car, they saw a nun behind the wheel. Her behaviour indicated that she was under the influence of alcohol.

    On the night of Thursday to Friday, the duty officer of the Wolsztyn police unit received a message concerning the driver of a Suzuki Swift, whose manner of driving indicated that she might be under the influence of alcohol. The information provided indicated that the car was in the area of Lipowa Street in Wolsztyn and, despite the time of night, was driving without its headlights on, and the person driving it was unable to keep a straight course.

    Police officers on patrol were sent to the area. Uniformed officers quickly located the car and ordered the driver to stop for a road check.

    Unexpected plot twist

    When they approached the stopped car, they saw a nun dressed in a habit and wearing a characteristic coif on her head. The woman’s behaviour indicated that she was indeed under the influence of alcohol.

    The woman was brought to the Wolsztyn police station, where she was subjected to a breath test. The device showed 0.79 mg/l of alcohol in the air she exhaled (1.66 per mile in her body).

    During the interview, the woman explained that she was not a nun. She had dressed in nun’s garb because she wanted to go to see her grandson, who is due to make his First Communion in a few months. In this way, she wanted to familiarise him with the circumstances accompanying the preparations for the ceremony, and the ceremony itself.

    It is currently unknown under what circumstances the woman will celebrate her grandson’s First Communion. She might face a two-year prison sentence for DUI.

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