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    Embarrassing Gaffe by Deputy Agriculture Minister Kołodziejczak at Press Conference After Farmers’ Talks

    In a bewildering turn of events, Deputy Minister of Agriculture Michał Kołodziejczak made headlines for the wrong reasons during a press conference that followed a series of discussions with farmers. In an attempt to make a historical reference, Kołodziejczak mistakenly cited “Karol Macedoński” (sick! Karol of Macedon – ed.) as a great leader, a blunder that has sparked both confusion and criticism.

    The talks, which also involved Donald Tusk, ended in disappointment for the farmers, who felt their grievances remained unaddressed. The farmers had expected Tusk to apologize for previously labeling them as “hooligans,” a demand to which he did not acquiesce.

    During the press conference, Kołodziejczak sought to inspire or perhaps illustrate a point by referring to a military strategy supposedly employed by “Karol Macedoński.” He narrated how this leader, facing a numerically superior foe, managed to intimidate the opposition into retreat with a mere display of his army’s discipline. However, the Deputy Minister’s attempt to draw from history fell flat because “Karol Macedoński” does not correspond to any recognized historical figure, raising questions about Kołodziejczak’s knowledge and the appropriateness of the analogy.

    This incident has not only overshadowed the already unsuccessful talks but also led to widespread ridicule of Kołodziejczak, with critics pointing out the glaring historical inaccuracies in his statement. The misstep has added to the frustration and disillusionment among the farmers, further complicating the dialogue between the government and the agricultural sector.

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