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    European Funds for West Pomerania 2021-2027: Support for Regional Development

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    The first competitive call for proposals for the European Funds for Western Pomerania 2021-2027 programme is now open, with an available pool of more than PLN 49.5 million. A schedule of calls for proposals for the next 12 months has been made available on the programme website, covering the areas of supporting entrepreneurship, innovation, mobility of inhabitants, territorial investment and human capital.

    Marshall Olgierd Geblewicz assures that more than PLN 4 billion will be made available over the next 12 months. The call will be open to businesses, educational establishments, universities, research institutions, social organisations, NGOs and local authorities.

    In the area of education, particular emphasis is placed on accessibility, inclusiveness and modern teaching methods. The call for applications for educational establishments will close on 12 July. In July, it will also be possible to apply for Eurofunds for the creation of new places in kindergartens.

    Competitions for entrepreneurs will concern R&D activities. Calls will be held in September and October. Enterprises in the Special Inclusion Zone will be able to count on support for investments increasing the competitiveness of companies. Recruitment will begin in September.

    The schedule also includes non-competitive calls, such as projects for the construction of cycle routes and the modernisation of provincial roads.

    The budget for the FEPZ programme is EUR 1 billion 686 million from the European Regional Development Fund and the European Social Fund.

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