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    European Union to Prolong Ban on Importing Ukrainian Seeds

    On Monday, Janusz Wojciechowski, the EU commissioner for agriculture, announced the ban on unrestricted trade of Ukrainian wheat, maize, rapeseed, and sunflower seed in Poland, Bulgaria, Romania, Hungary, and Slovakia is likely to continue. The EU is expected to extend the trade embargo to protect its member states’ agricultural industry.

    The five nations that had implemented import restrictions due to an oversupply of Ukrainian grain that was driving down prices in their local markets agreed with the European Commission (EC) on April 28th. The EC has resolved to address the concerns of these countries and work towards a solution that benefits all parties involved.

    The European Union (EU) challenged the import restrictions, stating that the authority to make commercial policy decisions rested solely with the EU.

    As per the agreement, Ukrainian grain passing through the five nations will now have added measures in place to prevent its resale in the local markets of those countries. In exchange for this, the five states have agreed to withdraw their individual import bans.

    “By all indications, the EU will agree to extend… the ban on free trade in (Ukrainian – PAP) wheat, maize, rape and sunflower seeds in the five countries,” Wojciechowski told the Polish Radio Zet broadcaster.

    The EU’s current ban on Ukrainian grain and a number of other agricultural products expires on June 5.


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