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    Eurovision 2023: Poland’s First Rehearsal

    Blanka Stajkow, the representative of Poland in this year’s Eurovision Song Contest, has completed her first rehearsal before the semi-finals. Her performance surprised many fans of the contest, who appreciated her song and dance moves.

    Blanka is accompanied by four dancers on stage during her performance of “Solo”. The organizers of the Eurovision Song Contest released a one-minute video clip of Blanka’s rehearsal on social media, which showed her energetic dancing and a spectacular split that impressed viewers. The final chorus of her performance is accompanied by a shower of fireworks, adding to the overall excitement of her act.

    While fans of the contest praised Blanka’s performance, some also noted that parts of it seemed heavily inspired by last year’s finalist’s show. This has sparked a debate among fans about whether or not Blanka’s performance is too similar to that of last year’s contestant.

    Blanka’s performance of “Solo” was composed by a team of five people, including herself, and the lyrics were co-written by Maria Broberg, Julia Sundberg, and Blanka. Her second rehearsal will take place on Friday, which will give fans a better idea of what to expect from her on the Eurovision stage.

    With the Eurovision Song Contest just around the corner, it will be interesting to see how Blanka performs and how she will fare in the competition.

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