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    Exploring the Geological Wonders of the Baltic Sea: Educational Exhibition by the State Geological Institute

    The Baltic Sea, an enchanting body of water that has shaped the history and culture of the regions it borders, holds many geological secrets waiting to be unraveled. The State Geological Institute (SGI) – Polish Geological Institute (PIG) has taken the initiative to shed light on the geological wonders of the Baltic Sea through an educational exhibition titled “Bałtyk w geologicznej odsłonie” (English: ‘Baltic Sea in Geological Perspective’). Comprising 19 informative panels, this exhibition aims to popularize knowledge about the sea’s geology and has been made freely available to interested institutions.

    Have you ever wondered about the origin of the Baltic Sea’s water or how old the sea actually is? Are you curious to learn about the minerals that constitute its sandy shores or the formation of the Baltic amber? These intriguing questions can now be answered through the expertly crafted panels, developed by geology specialists from the State Geological Institute – Polish Geological Institute.

    The State Geological Institute, renowned for its expertise in geological research, has created a captivating exhibition designed to engage and educate people of all ages. Whether you are a student, a teacher, a researcher, or simply someone with a keen interest in geology and the natural world, this exhibition has something to offer to quench your thirst for knowledge.

    The panels cover a wide range of geological topics, all centered around the Baltic Sea. They offer fascinating insights into the sea’s formation, evolution, and unique geological features. The exhibition delves into the history of the Baltic Sea’s water, tracing it back to ancient times when the ice sheets retreated, leaving behind a basin that eventually filled with water. It explores the various geological processes that have shaped the sea’s coastline over millions of years, molding its stunning landscapes and diverse ecosystems.

    One of the most intriguing aspects covered by the exhibition is the formation of Baltic amber, a gemstone that has captivated humans for centuries. The panels elucidate how resin from ancient trees solidified over time to create this prized gem, often referred to as “Gold of the North.” Moreover, visitors can learn about the different minerals that make up the sand on the Baltic shores, gaining a deeper understanding of the area’s unique geology.

    To ensure widespread access to this valuable information, the State Geological Institute invites institutions, municipalities, holiday resorts, and all those interested in disseminating knowledge to collaborate and make use of the exhibition. The exhibition is offered free of charge, reflecting the institute’s commitment to promoting geoscience education and awareness.

    For interested parties, obtaining the exhibition materials is a straightforward process. By reaching out via email to the provided address (, institutions can acquire high-quality files suitable for printing. The panels are best displayed in a large format, measuring 100 x 140 cm, as the institute emphasizes that captivating visuals are key to capturing the audience’s attention.

    The “Bałtyk w geologicznej odsłonie” exhibition represents a remarkable initiative that merges science and education, allowing people to delve into the hidden geological treasures of the Baltic Sea. By spreading knowledge about the sea’s geology, the State Geological Institute – Polish Geological Institute contributes to a greater understanding of our natural world, fostering a sense of appreciation and responsibility for the environment that surrounds us.

    As more institutions take advantage of this educational opportunity, it is hoped that the wonders of the Baltic Sea’s geology will become more widely appreciated, inspiring future generations to explore and protect our precious natural heritage. So, whether you are a teacher planning to enrich your students’ understanding of geology or a nature enthusiast eager to delve into the mysteries of the Baltic Sea, the “Bałtyk w geologicznej odsłonie” exhibition awaits, ready to guide you on a captivating journey through time and nature.

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