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    Farmer Denied Entry to Agricultural Summit with Tusk Despite Invitation, Fears of Silencing the Truth

    Krzysztof Chmiel, a farmer tasked with proposing legal solutions for berry fruits at the first agricultural summit, was barred from attending today’s meeting with Donald Tusk, despite holding an invitation from the Ministry of Agriculture. “It seems that union members and those open to arrangements are allowed in, but not farmers. Perhaps I spoke too much at the first summit and during the protest in Warsaw; they are trying to silence me,” Chmiel told TV Republika.

    The government’s head, Donald Tusk, was scheduled to meet selected leaders of the agricultural protest today at the “Agricultural Summit” held in the Culture Center Dialog. TV Republika reported that Chmiel, who had received an invitation, was denied entry to the meeting.

    “I was invited by the Ministry of Agriculture to the second agricultural summit after being asked by Donald Tusk at the first to work on legal solutions for berry fruits. We sent him the solutions. I got invited to the summit, then crossed off, and three hours later, invited again. But upon arrival, they refused me entry,” explained Chmiel.

    Attempting to enter the Dialog center, he was informed by a staff member that the invitation he received via SMS was sent in error. Chmiel expressed his disappointment, stating, “I wanted to hear concrete plans for the future. It seems only union members and those inclined towards certain arrangements are allowed entry. It’s clear they’re trying to silence me because I might have unveiled uncomfortable truths, like discussions with people involved in importing grains from Ukraine.”

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