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    First Ladies of Poland and Italy strengthen cultural exchange and cooperation

    Agata Kornhauser-Duda, the First Lady of Poland, and Laura Mattarella, the First Lady of Italy, recently visited the Royal Baths Park in Warsaw. The visit provided an opportunity for the two women to discuss issues of mutual interest, as well as to explore the rich cultural heritage of Poland.

    During their visit, Kornhauser-Duda and Mattarella toured several important sites in the park, including the Palace on the Isle and the Amphitheatre. They also met with representatives from the park’s management team and learned more about the history and significance of the park.

    The visit by the two First Ladies highlights the importance of cultural exchange and cooperation between Poland and Italy. Both countries share a rich cultural heritage and a commitment to promoting the arts and humanities. By working together, they can help to preserve and promote their shared cultural legacy for future generations.

    In addition to their cultural activities, Kornhauser-Duda and Mattarella also discussed a range of issues of mutual interest, including education, health care, and the environment. They emphasized the importance of international cooperation in addressing these issues and expressed a commitment to working together to find common solutions.

    The visit by Kornhauser-Duda and Mattarella was an important step in strengthening the relationship between Poland and Italy. It provided an opportunity for the two First Ladies to explore the rich cultural heritage of Poland and to discuss issues of mutual interest. As Poland and Italy continue to work together, they will be better positioned to address the challenges facing Europe and to promote a more prosperous and secure future for all Europeans.

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