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    Historical Find in Warsaw: 19th-Century Cellar Discovered During Metro Construction

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    Archaeologists in Warsaw discover a 19th-century cellar during metro construction, hinting at more historical treasures to be revealed.

    While constructing the M2 metro line in the Bemowo district of Warsaw, archaeologists made a significant discovery, unearthing rooms believed to date back to the late 19th and early 20th centuries. This exciting find promises to reveal more historical artifacts as work on the metro station progresses, according to the city authorities.

    A Glimpse into the Past:

    Archaeologists from the National Museum of Archaeology in Warsaw have been actively involved in excavations along the M2 metro line on Karolin Street. Before the excavation phase began, surface surveys yielded fragments of pottery dating back to the late Middle Ages.

    A Hidden Cellar:

    Once underground work commenced at the Technical-Stop Station Karolin, in its western section, archaeologists uncovered a cellar-like structure. This cellar, characterized by its barrel-vaulted ceiling, was likely a separate brick construction. It features brick walls with arched entrances and a chimney. Inside the chimney, archaeologists discovered remnants of metal steps, likely used for access. The chimney walls showed signs of scorching.

    More to Uncover:

    The city authorities anticipate that as metro construction progresses, further historical items might be hidden beneath the future technical-stop station. The area was home to farms in the early 20th century, suggesting the potential discovery of agricultural tools, decorations, and pottery from the late Middle Ages.

    Ongoing Metro Construction:

    While tunnel-boring machines will begin their work next year, preparations for the construction of the M2 metro line are currently underway, including soil strengthening in key areas. This metro line, launched in 2018, spans nearly four kilometers and is expected to conclude in October 2025.

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