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    Hospitality Industry implements Kamilek’s Act

    Amidst the implementation of Kamilek’s Act, a Polish law aimed at safeguarding minors in hospitality establishments, the sector grapples with uncertainty and the need for clarity.

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    Since its enforcement in mid-February, hospitality proprietors face a four-month window to comply with regulations ensuring safe interactions between minors and staff, yet a third remain unaware of the necessity to adopt Child Protection Standards.

    In practice, the provisions of the law require employees of the establishment to ask questions regarding the relationship between adults and children, to ensure kinship, and, by observing interactions, to ensure that nothing disturbing is happening.

    A survey by reveals a significant lack of awareness among industry representatives, with 34% oblivious to their obligation. The absence of detailed guidelines exacerbates the predicament, particularly for smaller entities lacking legal counsel. Clear directives are crucial, especially for smaller businesses, prompting initiatives by platforms like to educate over 22,000 partners on compliance.

    While some gleaned insights from media sources (38%), social platforms (23%), or industry portals (15%), challenges persist in implementing procedures, notably in identifying minors’ guardians. Hospitality hosts express apprehension over potential guest discomfort, yet legal obligations supersede, mandating proactive measures even in the face of guest resistance.

    Educating Tourists

    Efforts are underway to inform tourists about the law’s intent, emphasizing it as a child safety measure rather than intrusive interrogation. Industry stakeholders call for clearer directives from supervisory bodies to streamline compliance efforts.

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