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    Immigrants Hide in Pond After High-Speed Chase!

    Police in Krosno Odrzańskie detained four immigrants after a high-speed chase. The incident began when traffic officers in Radnica signaled a Ford driver to stop. Instead of complying, the driver fled, prompting a dangerous pursuit.

    “The driver forced oncoming cars to brake abruptly, creating a hazardous situation,”

    said police spokeswoman Justyna Kulka.

    The chase led to a dead-end near Czetowice, where the suspects abandoned the vehicle and fled into the woods. Officers soon discovered the men hiding neck-deep in a pond. A drone operator from the forestry service pinpointed their exact locations, leading to their capture with the help of the fire department’s boat.

    The detainees, men from Yemen, Syria, and Afghanistan aged 17 to 36, now face charges of illegal border crossing from Belarus into Poland and attempting to cross from Poland into Germany.

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