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    Impending Heatwave Raises Concerns of Golden Algae Resurgence in Poland’s River Odra

    As Poland braces itself for an impending heatwave, the nation’s climate minister has issued a warning regarding the potential resurgence of golden algae in the River Odra. The anticipated rise in temperatures in the coming days could elevate the risk of a harmful bloom of golden algae, a concerning development for the delicate aquatic ecosystem.

    Golden algae, notorious for releasing toxins capable of decimating fish and other aquatic life, was the culprit behind the massive fish fatalities in the River Odra during the previous summer. This catastrophic event marked one of Poland’s most severe environmental crises in recent memory.

    Scientists attribute the proliferation of golden algae last year to a confluence of factors, including elevated temperatures, reduced water levels, and pollution. This unfortunate combination of conditions created a fertile breeding ground for the algae to flourish.

    Anna Moskwa, Poland’s Minister of Environment and Climate, took to X, formerly known as Twitter, to emphasize the impending risk. She conveyed that the imminent heatwave could substantially enhance the likelihood of golden algae resurgence. Moreover, Moskwa highlighted that this year’s potential threat of golden algae is most pronounced within the oxbow lakes lining the River Odra.

    Moskwa underscored that rigorous countermeasures are being employed in response to this looming environmental challenge. Specifically, management controls are being imposed on discharges into the river, complemented by a regime of consistent inspections. These measures aim to mitigate the potential reoccurrence of a golden algae bloom and safeguard the vitality of the River Odra’s ecosystem.

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