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    Investigation of border blast requires legal basis, says President

    The participation of Ukrainian investigators in a probe into a missile strike in eastern Poland on Tuesday has to be set out in international law, Poland’s president said on Thursday.

    Andrzej Duda said treaties and international agreements would be needed for Ukrainian officials to take part in the investigation into an apparent strike by a Russian-made missile in the village of Przewodów, which lies close to the Ukrainian border, that killed two people.

    Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky has asked about the possibility of his country’s involvement in the investigation.

    “In order to talk about participation in investigative activities, the relevant provisions of international law and international agreements in this regard must be implemented,” Duda said during a visit to the scene of the blast on Thursday.

    “This is always an activity within the framework of so-called legal assistance,” he added.

    The president said he had recently spoken to a prosecutor active at the site and had given his assurance that he represented a “very kind but at the same time legalistic” approach to Ukraine.

    “Everything must be done in line with the binding rules, in line with the applicable law,” he said.

    “If guests from Ukraine want to see the procedures, it will be possible to show them those procedures, as they have been shown to me,” the president continued.

    “But when it comes to taking part in those procedures and access to documents, to information, that demands concrete treaty foundations, a concrete basis in the field of international law and international agreements,” he said.

    On Wednesday, Zelensky said there was no doubt that his country’s missiles were not responsible for the blast, citing military reports.

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