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    Dep. Agriculture Minister’s Visit to Dorohusk Ends in Frustration: ‘The Days of Making Scenes Are Done’

    Deputy Minister of Agriculture, Michał Kołodziejczak, made a trip to Dorohusk aiming to personally inspect the goods entering Poland, but faced what he described as “resistance”. Former Minister of Agriculture, Anna Gembicka, sharply criticized Kołodziejczak’s efforts, stating, “The days of making scenes are done’; it’s time to buckle down to hard work instead of mocking farmers.”

    Kołodziejczak, a figure who has courted controversy in the past, announced that he was conducting a fieldwork day. “I’m in Dorohusk conducting a parliamentary inspection. I want to verify what goods have been entering Poland in recent days. Unfortunately, I’ve encountered resistance. The employees refuse to provide me with documents for the last two trains that arrived from Ukraine to Poland,” he reported.

    Gembicka took to social media to remind Kołodziejczak of his position and capabilities. “I remind you that you are the deputy minister and can obtain all the necessary data from the proper authorities,” she wrote.

    She further admonished, “The days of making scenes are done; now it’s time to buckle down to hard work instead of mocking farmers. The solution is simple – you need to expand the embargo. If you claim to be the biggest enemy of Ukrainians, surely you’re not scared? I can even prepare the text of the regulations for you, just get to work!”

    Gembicka’s comments underline the tension within the agricultural sector and the challenges facing government officials in balancing domestic interests with international relations.

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