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    Konstanty Gebert Wins Jan Długosz Award for “Final Solutions: Perpetrators and Their Work”

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    Renowned author Konstanty Gebert has been honored with the Jan Długosz Award for his book “Final Solutions: Perpetrators and Their Work.” The award, celebrating the best humanities book published in Poland in the past year, was presented at the Krakow Book Fair in its 26th edition.

    The jury, led by Prof. Władysław Stróżewski and composed of distinguished scholars, commended Gebert for his multi-faceted approach to addressing the challenging subject matter and the book’s contemporary significance. The winning book delves into acts of genocide committed over the last 120 years in various countries, highlighting atrocities in Europe, Cambodia, Rwanda, and China.

    Gebert’s work was praised not only for its importance and multifaceted perspective but also for its eloquent language. Most notably, it was lauded for its contemporary relevance, resonating with current societal issues and delivering a clear warning for the future.

    In her laudation, Prof. Małgorzata Kossowska underscored the book’s significance in examining the roots of genocidal acts across different cultural and historical contexts. She emphasized that the book goes beyond the act of genocide, portraying the process leading up to it, which begins with divisive language, hate, prejudice, and dehumanization.

    The Jan Długosz Award, along with a monetary prize and a unique statuette, was sponsored by the Municipal Heat and Power Company and the Waterworks of Krakow. The award also recognized the efforts of Agora Publishing.

    This award is part of a competition organized by the Krakow Book Fair to promote valuable scientific and popular science books within the broader field of humanities.

    Among this year’s nominees for the 26th Jan Długosz Award were several other distinguished authors and their works, reflecting the diversity and excellence in the realm of humanistic literature.

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