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    Length of Polish-Belarusian border fence increases to 181km

    On Friday, a 54-kilometre stretch of electronic fencing was activated along Poland’s border with Ukraine, bringing the total length of this barrier to 181 kilometres, according to a spokesperson from the Polish Border Guard.

    In 2021, Poland was dealing with a surge of migrants at its border with Belarus due to thousands of people from the Middle East and Africa coming in, supposedly lured by the false promise of easy entry into the European Union. The Polish government blamed the crisis on the Belarusian authorities.

    The crisis in Poland led to the construction of a fence along its border with Belarus. To improve security, the fence was upgraded with electronic surveillance equipment such as CCTV cameras and night vision.

    Anna Michalska, spokesperson of the Polish Border Guard, reported on Friday that the electronic barrier had reached a total of 181 kilometres, with 10 stretches. Just 25 kilometres are left to be finished.

    Polish taxpayers will have to bear the expense of 343 million PLN (71.8 million EUR) for the electronic barrier, with the total investment being estimated at 1.6 billion PLN (335 million EUR).


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