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    Leonardo da Vinci in Warsaw: A Display of 78 Ingenious Machines

    Warsaw is hosting an extraordinary exhibition featuring the works of the renowned artist, Leonardo da Vinci. Visitors have the unique opportunity to witness an array of 78 machines created by the genius himself, brought to life by Italian engineers. This grand exhibition at the Galeria Polnocna marks the first-ever large-scale display of da Vinci’s machines in Warsaw.

    While Leonardo da Vinci is best known for his masterpieces such as the “Mona Lisa” and the “Lady with an Ermine,” he was also a visionary inventor who was far ahead of his time. This fact becomes abundantly clear at the interactive exhibition, which will be open until July 30th.

    Covering over 1,000 square meters of specially arranged space, the exhibition showcases 66 wooden models of various 16th-century inventions, along with 12 colossal constructions recreated at a 1:1 scale based on da Vinci’s nearly 6,000 pages of notes.

    Among the machines on display are war machines designed by da Vinci for Ludovico Sforza, the renowned ornithopter (a wing-flapping flying machine resembling bird wings), the parachute from the Codex Atlanticus, an early prototype of a helicopter rotor, self-propelled devices, and even combat vehicles reminiscent of modern tanks.

    Visitors will also have the chance to see the mechanical lion, a precursor to robots, a flying boat, a model catapult, and a planetarium. Additionally, the exhibition features the first-ever bicycle in history, as well as many other fascinating inventions such as an excavator, a mirror grinder, an adjustable ladder, a printing press, a crane, a movable bridge, and even the water wheel, nearly identical to the ones seen in the gardens on the roof of Galeria Polnocna.

    “This exhibition provides a glimpse into the mind of a true genius, offering a selection of the most captivating projects by the Renaissance master. What’s particularly intriguing is that among the many machines on display, some were only fully understood in the 19th and 20th centuries,”

    says Barbara Andrzejewska, the marketing manager of Galeria Polnocna.

    “Furthermore, the exhibition showcases inventions that laid the foundation for numerous achievements in maritime and land engineering, aviation, and hydraulics. It demonstrates how versatile da Vinci was and the rich legacy he left behind, not only in the field of painting but also in technology,”

    Andrzejewska adds.

    One fascinating aspect is how the models were created. Each of them was meticulously crafted based on da Vinci’s original drawings, serving as instructions for a team of Italian engineers and craftsmen. Additionally, all the devices were made from wood as a tribute to the material frequently used by da Vinci himself. The latest digital technologies were also employed in designing the machines.

    However, the awe-inspiring machines are not the only attraction at the exhibition. Visitors will also find a micro-museum featuring da Vinci’s famous works, such as the “Lady with an Ermine,” the “Last Supper,” and the “Madonna Litta.” It’s an interactive experience where visitors can even peek inside and take photos.

    “This exhibition is a remarkable opportunity to delve into the life and work of one of the greatest artists and inventors in history. It caters to both those familiar with da Vinci’s creations and the youngest visitors, for whom we aim to inspire imagination and showcase da Vinci’s versatility. The fact that some of the displayed models are interactive enhances the overall experience,”

    encourages Barbara Andrzejewska.

    The exhibition, “Machiny Leonarda da Vinci,” is open until July 30th on the first floor of Galeria Polnocna. It operates seven days a week, including non-trading Sundays, from 12:00 pm to 8:00 pm. Admission is ticketed, with regular tickets priced at PLN 13, discounted tickets at PLN 10, and group tickets at PLN 7 (supervisors enter free of charge). Children up to 100 cm in height and individuals over 75 years old can enter free of charge.

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