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    Łódź: Car Was Cemented Despite Not Being Removed from the Construction Site

    In an extraordinary turn of events, road workers carrying out repairs on Legionów Street in the heart of Łódź inadvertently covered a parked car in concrete from all sides. The incident, which occurred on Friday, quickly became an internet sensation after photos and videos of the bizarre situation were shared widely online. Despite the attention the incident garnered, the car remained untouched by a tow truck as of this morning.

    The unusual incident unfolded during the ongoing renovation of Legionów Street, a project that has been in progress for quite some time in central Łódź. A video posted on the Facebook page of LDZ Zmotoryzowani Łodzianie, a community group dedicated to informing locals about traffic and road conditions, captured the moment when workers poured and leveled concrete around the parked vehicle. For safety reasons, the car was wrapped in plastic and barricaded with boards to prevent the concrete from engulfing the wheels.

    Residents reported that the construction company attempted to locate the owner of the parked car since yesterday but was unsuccessful. They informed the Municipal Guard, whose patrol placed a ticket or warning on the car’s windshield but opted not to tow it away. Meanwhile, a cement mixer arrived at the site, and unwilling to wait any longer, the contractor found a solution that has now become another peculiar “monument” in Łódź’s history.

    Jarosław Kostrzewa from “LDZ Zmotoryzowani Łodzianie” expressed his opinion on the situation, placing blame on the Municipal Guard and the City Investment Authority for not intervening earlier. “In my opinion, this situation is the fault of the Municipal Guard, which could have found the owner, for example, using the license plate number, and the City Investment Authority, because the contractor should not have been left to deal with such a problem alone. From what I know, the car owner has already been located and will drive out of this hole after the concrete is removed,” he added.

    When contacted for a statement, Joanna Prasnowska, a spokesperson for the Municipal Guard in Łódź, directed inquiries to the City of Łódź press office. Marcin Masłowski, the spokesperson for the Mayor of Łódź, confirmed that the vehicle had been parked in a restricted area. He stated that the car would be towed on Saturday, as the contractor had previously informed all vehicle owners to move their cars from the street. The owner of this particular car had promised to relocate it but failed to do so, leading to the unexpected incident.

    The duration of the car’s forced standstill remains uncertain. According to road workers, concrete can take a long time to set in low temperatures. As a result, the tow truck will have to wait until the concrete around the car is fully cured before attempting to remove it.

    As of now, it remains unclear whether the concrete will need to be poured again or simply filled in the hole left by the car once it is towed away. This unusual incident serves as a reminder of the unexpected challenges that can arise during urban development projects, leaving the city residents and authorities alike amused and bemused by the peculiar turn of events in the heart of Łódź.

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