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    Majority of Poles Advocate Income Limit for Child Benefit Program, Reveals Recent Poll

    A recent survey conducted by the Pollster Research Institute and published by Super Express newspaper showcased a prevailing sentiment among Poles, signaling a strong inclination towards incorporating an income threshold for the national child benefit program.

    The flagship initiative, Family 500 Plus, initially launched in 2016 by the outgoing Law and Justice (PiS) government, guaranteed a monthly benefit of PLN 500 (EUR 114) per second and subsequent child for all families with a minimum of two children under 18. Later, the program was extended to encompass all children under 18. Recently, in August 2023, President Andrzej Duda, a PiS ally, approved an amendment elevating the benefit to PLN 800 (PLN 183) per child.

    Approximately seven million Polish children currently benefit from the Family 500 Plus program, as reported by the family ministry.

    The survey, conducted on November 7-8 and involving 1,014 adult respondents, indicated a notable 63 percent advocating for the implementation of an income threshold, ensuring that households above a certain income bracket would not qualify for the increased 800 plus benefit. Conversely, 37 percent expressed a contrary view, favoring the continuation of the benefit without income restrictions.

    Super Express highlighted the dual perspective surrounding the program, acknowledging its significant aid to many parents in raising children and its role in aiding families in meeting financial obligations. However, since its inception, the program has generated controversy due to its universal nature, granting PLN 500 per child to all families, irrespective of their wealth.

    The discourse around the Family 500 Plus program continues to evolve, reflecting the diverse opinions within Polish society regarding the necessity of income thresholds for accessing such benefits.


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