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    Make your own Sour Rye Starter for Easter

    Polish sour rye starter, also known as zakwas in Polish, is a key ingredient for traditional Easter soup – żur, żurek (sour rye soup). The sour rye starter is used to ferment the rye flour, which gives the soup its distinctive sour flavor. Check our recipe below.

    You will need to prepare your sour rye starter about a week before you use it.


    • 1 cup dark rye flour
    • 1 cup lukewarm water


    1. In a large jar, combine all ingredients.
    2. Cover the mixture with gauze or cloth.
    3. Set aside in a shaded place for 6-7 days (remember to stir one or two times a day).
    4. That is it. Your sour rye starter is ready to use! You can store it in the fridge for up to 2 weeks, in a closed jar, or glass bottle.

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