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    Malwa Foundation in Warsaw 

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    The people of Warsaw, specifically the parents of adults with intellectual disabilities, have created a unique place for living and therapy for people with disabilities. This is the Warsaw Malwa Foundation.

    The Malwa Foundation targets people with severe and moderate disabilities. The charges require special forms of assistance and care practically all the time. Despite their constant development and expansion of their competencies, they may never be fully independent. Their parents will never achieve the ‘comfort’ of ageing with dignity. Anxiety about what will happen after death to an adult and dependent child causes every parent stress and despair. 

    This is why, on the initiative of the parents, the Malwa Foundation was set up. Its main aim is to create a home adapted to the needs of people with mainly intellectual disabilities. A house with full social facilities, medical care and educational care, with the possibility of organising therapeutic workshops, thus creating conditions for a sense of dignity and usefulness.

    The parents of the Malwa Foundation work socially. They built this house with their children in mind, but this house will function for many years and serve all of Warsaw’s disabled people. This home is being built by the parents of disabled children with their own money and their efforts for the benefit of the entire Warsaw community.

    In connection with the PIT settlement, the management and charges of the Malwa Foundation are asking for support for its ongoing activities.

    “In 2022, the Malwa Residential Care Centre has successfully launched; thanks to the efforts of the staff, they have managed to create a place where charges have found a home and security. Every donation brings us closer to our goal of securing the future of our residents. Thank you very much!”

    Malwa Foundation wrote.

    If you are wondering which foundation or association to donate 1.5 % of your tax to, here are the details of the Malwa Foundation.

    Fundacja Malwa 

    KRS (National Court Register number) 0000046916

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